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i am circle exists to inspire and motivate individuals by developing a united Circle Mentality to nurture and grow our inner self. We are a generation of change makers simply because we have to make changes to the systems, beliefs, stigmas and structures that are formed which aren't serving us today with an increase in poor mental health, stress related illness, burn out and pressures at school and the work place. We weren't taught individual thinking, we weren't taught emotional intelligence or mental health awareness and we weren't taught how to let out our self-expression.

Circle Mentality isn't just a concept for individuals, it can exist within organisations, other structures and systems that seek to nurture diversity, innovate through creative expression and encourage individual thinking to make way for the changes we need to see in the world. Circle mentality increases how we interact and build connection as well as keeps the cogs turning and flowing. As it grows organically and authentically please do share this with anyone who would benefit, resonate or are like minded in their projects and pursuits so that we can connect, grow and collaborate.

Jane, Newcastle upon Tyne

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I am circle really speaks to me! I love the concept that we are all so much more than just one, two or even just ten things that define us....we are infinite in our creativity, talents and growth. 

Circle /ˈsəːk(ə)l/


noun: circle; plural noun: circles

1. a group of people with a shared profession, interests, or acquaintances.


group, company, body, clique; camp, crowd, band, crew; (informal) gang, bunch, pack

sphere, world, arena, domain, society, tribe.


verb: circle; 3rd person present: circles; past tense: circled
1. move all the way around (someone or something), especially more than once.


revolve, rotate, whirl, spiral surround, encircle, enclose, encompass, circulate.


Mentality /mɛnˈtalɪti/

noun: mentality; plural noun: mentalities

  1. the characteristic way of thinking of a person or group.


ways of thinking, frame of mind, way someones mind works, mindset, psychology, outlook, personality, psyche. 

  1. the capacity for intelligent thought.


intellect, intelligence, brain, mind, comprehension, understanding, wit, reasoning, rationality, wisdom, sense, perception, imagination.

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