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Hey, Happy secret Valentines from me to you! 


Thanks for being curious and searching for this secret message. I'm happy to discover your letter to yourself arrived safe a whole year later! Sometimes our own words come like a little unexpected messenger at a time we need to hear ourselves the most. Other times it can be quite poignant to check in with ourselves and the year gone by. 

It was a such a special evening at the House of Together in covent Garden last year. Thanks for joining me. I want to say a special thank you to Laura from Well Bean Co for the tasty treats and you can see what chocolatey magic her and Charlie have been up to here.  Plant based chocolate that helps mental health projects is definitely allowed on the self-love list in my opinion! And since last year I hope you're still exploring what self-love means to you. I would love to hear from you or how you feel after reading your own words. You can drop me a note or say hello here.


If you are curious to delve in a little deeper to your 'self' together the i am project launches 2nd March find out more here.

And before I go I wanted to share some collective wisdom that came out of one of our circle sessions at the beginning of the year which was "what ever the question is, the answer is always love." Have a little think on that one and where ever you are at on your journey I hope you keep making space and time for your self and especially your self-love. 

Hope to see you on a circle session or a workshop soon!

Lots of New Year wishes and love, Nina xox 

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