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  • You will need:

  • 2.5 - 3hrs time to yourself in a comfy space.

  • Notebook or Journal + pen(s) 

  • Completing part 1 is not compulsory (Reflect + Release Workshop) if you feel reflecting on 2020 and gathering its lesson will be beneficial, please click the button and do that one first.



Intentions : First half activities

  • Vision + Unknowns - What does vision mean to you? How do you navigate uncertainty or unknowns

  • Setting intentions - Which areas of your life are calling for your focus, growth or newness.

  • Seven Cs - Which of the Seven Cs resonate and can help you align with your intentions.

Building Personal Mantra - Second half activities

  • Exploring values - words are powerful

  • Knowing Doing Being Theory - The process of embodiment and "being" our true self.

  • Writing your personal mantra - Guide and examples to create your personal mantra.

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The workshop gives you the tools to create your own personal mantra using words that resonate with you and align you with your intentions in any moment . There are examples of other mantras like these for you to be inspired. Also trust your own instinct of whats right for you right now. If you would like me to design this with you. Please get in touch here. Send your mantra via email with CAPS for the words in bold and an image that inspires you and your future self right now.


All circle sessions are always Pay what you can/ Pay what you feel to keep them inclusive, accessible and available to all. We are beyond grateful and happy during these times to create resources and workshops in video form to support people in connecting to themselves and strengthening that self-leadership and self-awareness. These are here for anyone to do in their own space at their own pace. This is up to you to contribute what you can or what you feel aligns with the exchange this brought you.

"In an amongst all the chaos of the world, it was such a privilege to have some focused time to work out how I want to live during this time. I feel lucky and I feel focused, ready to take it on."

Jenny, Manchester

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"The Circle Session was a fantastic way to help me synthesise in a clear and succinct format, what my intentions are for the year ahead and a great way to close the previous year by acknowledging what it brought me and what I gave. In just a short session I was able to do what I could have not do on my own. Thank you, Nina!"

Diego, Argentina

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