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Thank you for following your curiosity and arriving at this secret note. I'm happy to know your letter arrived safe a whole year later! And I would love to hear from you and how you feel after reading your own words. You can drop me a note or say hello here. Sometimes our own words come like a little unexpected messenger  at a time we need to hear ourselves the most. Other times it can be quite poignant to check in with ourselves and the year gone by and recognise the ebbs and flows. 

There was something very special about the Winter Happiness Festival last year, being in such a beautiful space as RE:CENTRE with the river flowing by. As everyone tuned into what happiness truly means to us and I hope your still finding the answers to those questions. This year the happiness festival will go a little deeper and broader as we think about the planet too, much in need of some love, kindness and hope right now. If you didn't know it was happening this Sunday you can still join us here, its going to be more intimate and we can't wait to have such an immersive, transformative day!


And if you aren't able to come this year I would like to share some collective wisdom that came out of one of our online circle sessions at the beginning of the year which was "what ever the question is, the answer is always love." Have a little think on that one. And where ever you are at on your journey I hope even on the windy, cloudy or foggy days you can find the sunshine and keep riding the waves with love for the ride! 

Hope to see you on a circle session soon!

Lots of New Year wishes and love, Nina xox 

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